Social Media Techniques for Lead Generation

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Social Media Techniques for Lead Generation

Social Media Techniques for Lead Generation: Have you put together a startup, but you’re struggling with attracting potential customers for your products and services? If yes, then you are definitely not alone. Lead generation is tricky, and it requires you to be more creative with your approach. This is where social media comes in because it offers some amazing features not only for B2B marketing, but for lead generation as well.

Social Media Techniques for Lead Generation
Here are some of the best lead generation techniques for paid social media platforms.

1. Webinars and Events

Besides content and demo-based marketing tactics, webinars are a great way for B2B marketers to direct their paid social efforts towards lead generation. Webinars can be live or pre-recorded, and they offer a valuable alternative to most content strategies. Furthermore, events too are a great way for your business to engage well with your customers. The integration of email marketing and phone calls with paid social media marketing is an effective way of getting the word out about your event.

2. Social Media Contests

One interesting way of promoting your products and services on social media is by running contests. You might consider it hackneyed, but it sure is effective. Businesses run social media contests for two main reasons that are mentioned below.
• It helps them generate leads, which are beneficial for their businesses.
• Contest participants spread the word to more people.
Unfortunately, the leads generated through this method are not always relevant. However, through lead nurturing, your audience’s relevant needs can easily be filtered out.

3. Gated Link Sharing

Almost everyone appreciates well-designed and valuable content. If you possess meaningful details and insights about your products or services, putting them behind a gate can work in your favor. All you have to do is share gated-content links, and new leads are bound to come your way.

4. Social Media Advertising

Nowadays, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide you with lead generation ads. As a result, marketers get a chance to collect leads on the spot, with the help of targeted marketing. Contrary to popular belief, clicking on these ads doesn’t redirect visitors to a landing page. Instead, they are asked to fill out a form. As a reward, they are provided an e-book or some other gated content for free.

5. Geo-Targeted Searching

Social media allows you to reach out to your targeted audience based on their location. As a result, one can send promotional materials to certain groups of people. Normally, people send gated content, even polls, to gauge their feedback.
Social media in itself is no magic pill that can make your business flourish overnight. However, with deep understanding of your targeted audience and a solid grasp over social media marketing strategies, you will see meaningful results. Have a good day!

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