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Lead Management

Some providers will sell the same lead to both you and your local competitors to increase profits. We don't. You deserve exclusive leads
Campaign Management

You Don't want to pay per lead?

We also offer a flat monthly Campaign Management service. Starting at $1,500 a month for clients with a monthly advertising budget under $3,000 for 1 advertising platform, Facebook.

• Will create Facebook Business Page.
• Will create up to 5 ad campaigns.
• Will create Opt-in Forms for the Ads
• Will Sync Facebook to CRM software to get lead notifications
• Will Optimize Ad Campaigns to increase ROI
• Will create re-targeting ad campaigns
• Will Install Tracking Pixels
• Will provide Monthly Analytics & Reporting
• Will Monitor Ad Campaigns and provide support

Once your ads are ready to go, our deployment process is never a set-it-and-forget-it type of arrangement. Each individual ad and group will be closely watched in that first stretch to ensure that our strategies are taking effect.

Our team will continually monitor your ad campaigns and modify as needed to ensure that if there is room for improvement, we take full advantage of it.

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