What qualifies as a valid lead?

In order for a lead to qualify it must have:

  • First and last name
  • Injury was sustained due to auto accident (for auto accident)
  • Valid telephone number
  • Injury occurred within the statute of limitations
  • Person injured has not already hired an attorney
  • Leads are geo-targeted to your specific demographic area
  • leads will be exclusive to your firm
  • Leads will be forwarded to you as they come in

I don't want to Pay Per Lead, you offer anyting else?

Yes. We also offer a flat monthly Campaign Management service. Starting at $1,500 a month for clients with a monthly advertising budget under $3,000 for 1 advertising platform, Facebook.

To learn more about Campaign Management service click here.

Can Lawyers buy Leads?

In a short answer yes, per the American Bar Association lawyers can buy leads.

Fuel Lead uses a group advertising model, which is both legal and ethical. Advertisements are not misleading (per ABA Model Rule 7.1). Since our business model is not a referral service, and we are not endorsing or recommending any particular attorney, we do not violate ethics rules on referral services (per ABA Model Rule 7.2). Lawyers using Fuel Lead do not pay per-minute or no fee sharing.

For a more detail answer about can lawyers can buy leads click here.

Lead Refund Requests

We have an extremely fair system for making Lead Refund Requests for individual, invalid leads. You have a 5-day window (defined as five, 24-hour cycles from the moment of lead delivery) to request a Lead Refund Request.

Eligible Reasons for Return:

  • Disconnected Number (List error message)
  • “No Contact” (Not eligible for return)
  • Wrong Number (List how confirmed)
  • Wrong Category (List appropriate category)
  • Wrong Location (Please list this lead’s location)
  • Duplicate Lead (Include other lead’s ID #)
  • Gibberish Comments/SPAM (Explain if not obvious)

Our verification department will call on your invalid leads, confirm and grant a credit to your account balance to be used towards replacements.

How are the leads generated?

We generate leads through a variety of online marketing methods including pay per click advertising, (SEO) organic search, social media, funnels, offline marketing and affiliated publishers.

Will my leads be shared with other buyers?

No, Some providers will sell the same lead to both you and your local competitors to increase profits. We don’t. You deserve exclusive leads.

How long will it be before I receive some qualified leads?

We can launch a campaign within a couple of days if necessary. However this depends upon the market we are trying to penetrate, the individual we are trying to reach and the level of qualification necessary.

Do you have a performance guarantee?

Absolutely. We are dedicated to 100% client satisfaction. Once we fully understand your target market, your solution, your value proposition and your expectations, we will establish realistic campaign goals and then guarantee we will reach those goals.

Who will be handling my campaign?

We provide you with a dedicated team that plans, carries out, and manages your campaign. The campaign team consists of an account manager who oversees the project and serves as your main point of contact, along with a calling agent, an email specialist, a social media expert, and a QA analyst.

What legal areas of practice are covered?

We cover every major area of law that consumers are searching for. Our most popular areas are:

– Personal Injury
– Auto Accidents /Share ride (uber & lyft ) accidents
– Criminal Defense
– DUI and DWI
– Sexual Harassment
– Workers’ Compensation

and much more.

Can I purchase leads with specific practice areas?

Of course! You can choose just one practice area, or multiple ones. And, if you don’t see what you are looking for, we can customize the filters/fields. We are here to help increase your intake of legal prospects that meet your specific area of practice. However, if the practice area is very narrow, the cost will tend to increase, and the volume will tend to decrease.

Do you have minimum monthly requirements?

While we don’t have fixed monthly minimums, we are seeking to partner with firms interested in growing their businesses and which are able to handle a substantial number of leads.

How much do the leads cost?

It depends on the volume of leads, your practice area, and your coverage area. Contact us and we can discuss your specifics so you can get a better idea of pricing in your particular case.

Are your leads delivered in real-time?

Yes, once a lead comes in we forward them to you via email, text or any form you wish.

How long is my commitment?

There is no long-term commitment and you can cancel anytime. However, we’re looking for long-term partners who are competitive in their field and have a strong closing process. If you’re a good fit, we look forward to working with you for years to come and growing your practice’s size exponentially.

I still have questios...

We are accessible. You don’t have to fight your way through a long and complicated menu of options to get a hold of us. We answer the phones ourselves, so you won’t have to leave voice messages unless we are on another call or in a meeting. Contact us.