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Fuel Lead LLC is an Orange County, Ca-based lead generation agency design to help small businesses and established companies of all sizes take advantages of lead generation. We live and breathe digital marketing, and in an industry that is constantly shifting algorithms, it’s our business to keep up with it.

Every Business has a story to tell.

Fuel Lead was founded in 2013 and has become the premier lead generation company. We give you access to the most targeted leads in the industry. We leverage our marketing strategies and knowledge to find leads that are actively seeking your services while you focus on your business and increase your revenue.

Our leads are:

● 100% Exclusive leads that are never shared
● Delivered in Real-Time

We’re confident that our lead generation and expertise will ultimately save you time and money, while delivering qualified leads that match your practice areas. Unlike other pay-per-lead programs, we provide leads exclusive to your firm who have expressed interest in your services.

Go Straight to the Source

We help our clients get more first appointments with people who are genuinely interested in talking to them so they can sell more. It’s what we do every day. And we are very, very good at it.

Every time a consumer submits a form from one of our websites or marketing strategies, requesting assistance in your practice area and location, we email you all of the details from that form. Fuel your pipeline with new, targeted leads so you can spend less time prospecting and more time selling.

How the program works

Our pay per lead program makes use of highly trafficked websites, that provide valuable content to individuals looking for answers to their specific needs. Our search engine and marketing professionals make sure we place in top positions for search phrases related to all major practice areas.

Our lead generation service employs practice-specific forms to receive detailed information about each consumer’s case or request.

We deliver the lead & details to your inbox

As soon as the consumer completes and submits the form, we deliver it directly to your inbox.

No long-term commitment