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A lawyer working on a paid for lead

Should Lawyers Buy Paid for Leads?

With advancements in the digital world, the field of legal counsel has experienced a great shift. The conventional ways of finding leads and acquiring clients, including the case referral model, is no longer enough to build a strong clientele and have a successful career. Consequently, many lawyers are turning to paid for leads. Others, however, […]
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A lawyer working on personal injury leads

3 Ways to Get More Personal Injury Leads

Finding personal injury leads and acquiring more clients is not as hard as you may have imagined. However, the competition in the field demands you to take certain measures to get more personal injury leads and build a wide clientele. So, without further ado – let’s take a look at what you can do to […]
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A person writing in a notebook and working on a computer

Advantages of Lead Services for Lawyers

In many cases, there is a communication gap between clients and the legal counsel. More often than not, people find it difficult to find a reputable advocate for legal representation in any case. On the other hand, lawyers don’t have many ways to find and approach people who are in need of legal counsel. This […]
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Retargeting to Generate Leads & How Does It Work?

You probably spend a lot of energy and money to get traffic to your website. Hoping & praying that each visitor will have the best experience and opt-in as a lead or make a purchase. …But there are still a lot of people that are leaving without taking any action! In fact, according to semrush, […]
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Should You Buy Leads from Lead Generation Company?

Should You Buy Leads from Lead Generation Company?  If you look at a typical personal injury law firm or real estate agent forum, one topic dominates all others: How do you get new leads? Within this question is an argument that goes on to this day. Should I buy leads from a lead generation service, […]
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Calculate Your Cost Per Lead |

Calculate Your Cost Per Lead: Knowing your cost per lead is important because it helps set your sales goals and advertising budget. You can calculate your Cost Per Lead by dividing your Marketing Spend by the total number of New Leads. Example: A law firm closed 10 cases for a total of $150,000 in profits […]
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Can Lawyers Buy Leads?

We get this question a whole lot – Is what buying leads ethical for a lawyer, or will I get in trouble with the American Bar Association? In a short answer yes, per the American Bar Association lawyers can buy leads. To get a bit more detail.  According to American Bar Association rule 7.2: which […]
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Ways we Generate B2B Leads

First though, let’s talk about one of the oldest strategies and we’re not talking about merchant processor we talking about email marketing. 1. Email Marketing While traditional newsletters and email marketing are still important, the ability to capture more data on users and use behavioural-triggers has enabled B2B marketers to get a lot smarter with […]
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The Difference Between SEO and Lead Generation?

What Is the Difference Between SEO and Lead Generation? Need a refresher on the differences between search engine optimization (SEO) and lead generation? While these two marketing strategies have some similar aspects, they are actually very different. In simple terms, SEO helps generate organic traffic towards your website while lead generation focuses on capturing consumer […]
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